Options Value for 'Wall Posts' album

Could someone tell me how the preset option 'Wall Posts' is coded? I see it in the MediaTemplate file, but I am not seeing how the options value is being made. I am aware that this feature is being updated in the rtmedia update, but knowing how this works will help me to contribute to the plugin.

Hi Paul,

In BuddyPress Media, an album named ‘Wall Posts’ is created for every user and group, the first time they try and upload a media item or visit the /upload/ url. So, in the database you’ll find a lot of posts with slugs as ‘wall-posts-2’, ‘wall-posts-53’, etc with the associations stored in the user meta and group meta respectively.

In the new avatar, rtMedia, we are changing this to have just one Wall Posts album (just one database entry) that will be global for the whole site. So, the handling of Wall Posts is going to change, drastically.

So, I’d recommend waiting till at least the basics of this new global feature is coded.



In last rtMedia-PRO 1.0 release, we have added support for "Global Albums".

Site-Admins can now create predefined list of albums. Change default album to something else or even rename "Wall Posts" album.

If you are not using PRO yet, you may upgrade from https://rtcamp.com/store/rtmedia-pro/