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I just downloaded rtPanel theme from Wordpress.org but i got a big .css file. Any way to optimize it? I’m little newbie on this and i don’t have any linux distro to start an rtpanel new development.

So, can you share that .css file with “base”, breadcrumbs and Google Custom Search? I’m just using Wordpress SEO plugin and Google Custom Search.

Hello Eventosleiria.leiria,

rtPanel has inbuilt support for multiple plugins and we can remove unwanted plugin styles as its already mentioned in this article.

So you want to remove all plugin styles except Google Custom Search and Breadcrumbs plugin.

Please confirm.

Hi Manish,

Yes, that’s right because i’m using only Wordpress SEO (for breadcrumbs) and Google Custom Search.

Please check the attached custom_style.txt file. I have removed other all plugin style as per your requirement. Kindly replace complete file content from this file to your style.css.

Let me know if it works for you.

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That’s it! Thank you :slight_smile:

Can anybody help with issues i am facing with this theme.

I have installed Anspress on page but i get this display on my homepage.

Anpress Display

I have issues with the menu display

Menu Display i Get

Hello sagar.atalatti,

Can you please provide website link. Since I am not able to see the attachments here, or you can re-attach the screenshot.