Have you ever considered adding support for OpenResty to EasyEngine? It’s essentially Nginx, but with several Lua modules added to it, so I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to add it.


I thought about OpenResty few times but only to avoid managing own builds.

Nginx package we build also has Lua modules.

Personally I wish to see javascript feature in nginx evolve as it’s easier (for me) to code in javascript.


The openresty package has some additional mods and it also includes luajit, a super fast compiler. I like JavaScript too but lua runs so much faster on the server side.

Gabriel Mongefranco


My first priority is to test things with Docker. If we can solve build problem using Docker, then we might put entire EE stack in a docker container.

If you need any extra module added to nginx-build we maintain, please tell me its purpose. We would happy to add it if it makes sense for most users.

Any support related OpenResty won’t be possible atleast this year.


Is docker support on the roadmap?

I’ve had issues with docker builds of EE and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.


I hope Docker is not the ONLY EasyEngine deployment available, never.

Actually I love the way EE works, and I hate working with Docker.

Just my two cents.


OpenResty adds several Lua modules, the LuaJIT just-in-time compiler, and some database drivers to Nginx. So it’s perhaps a bit more involved than simply adding a few extra modules to the nginx-build. See for a full list of components.

I see a couple of advantages to having OpenResty as separate build from nginx. For starters, nginx users who want to use PHP apps don’t need all the extra Lua stuff. Second, users who do want to use Lua would have all the OpenResty components installed with a single command – particularly important because OpenResty is not easy to install!

As for use cases, OpenResty makes it easy to write web apps and services that can serve hundreds of thousands of transactions on commodity hardware, embedded hardware (think old PCs used as servers, plug-in computers, raspberry pi’s, etc.) or systems with restricted memory (e.g. cheap VPS systems). This is due to the small footprint of Lua, and the vast optimizations made by the LuaJIT compiler. Currently, Nginx+OpenResty and BarracudaDrive (both Lua-based servers) can run code at near compiled C speeds.

Without getting too much into detail as to why Lua makes a great web platform, I just want to suggest supporting OpenResty as an EasyEngine build for the thousands of users – personal and enterprise – that are currently developing top-notch web software with Lua and OpenResty.


I also hate Docker! Just want to say this … :slight_smile: :slight_smile: