Only Homepage is cached

I set up my server as explained here:

But I only get the Homepage (and non wordpress pages) cached. For all other WP contents (posto, pages) I alway get BYPASS in the header. Both for logged in/out users.

What can it be? Thank you!!!

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This seems to be the code that causes BYPASS:

#Don't cache if the URL contains a query string
if ($query_string != ""){
    set $no_cache 1;

Site is using “Post name” permalinks ( so I do not see query strings. But I think almost every wordpress page not being the frontpage has a query string. So is it expectad that only the frontpage is cached? This sounds strange to me…

I have the same problem, but in my case, I’m using Permalinks, so no query strings are shown for lists of categories, of articles, and of the articles themselves.

Nevertheless, just like you, I can only cache the homepage and the non-wordpress files, which is a bummer.