Only 10 photos allowed

Hi, I have 2 issues. First issue is that it appears that only 10 photos are allowe per album. Any number of phots that are uploaded greater than 10 for an album can be seen in the thumbnail of the latest upload, but the album limits to 10 photos and only displays 10 photos maximum. Second issue is that the software when combined with BuddyMobile used to work absolutely beautifully with BuddyMobile being able to upload media flawlessly. Somewhere along the line, BuddyMobile and BP Media both did an update and the ability to upload pictures disappeared when using BudyMobile. I don't know what changed, but it no longer works :( And it was truly a great feature.

Isn't there pagination on each album? e.g. the first 10 images are displayed then you have to go to page 2 by clicking show more?

I see no pagination on the albums. It shows 10 images and nothing else. On the "wall post" album, I can state that there are 13 photos, but only will show 10. The overall photos, strangely, shows only 10. Something is wrong with the count clearly. See the picture

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If you go to your WP admin's dashboard > BuddyPress Media > Settings look for "display settings". Here you can change the number of media to display. Try changing the value from 10 to something else to see if you can see more items on your page.

I have tried setting that all the way up to 1000 and no results... Do you get to see more than 10 on your website?

A few more tests and I see that if a photo is larger than 3MB it will upload and be "counted" in the album it is placed into, but it will not show up when the album is clicked upon. Is there anywhere that changes these settings? It is also visible in the overall media folder so it uploads okay. Additionally, it is visible in the "thumbnail" of the album if no "album cover" is set. Once a album cover is set, then the latest upload does not show, but when an album cover is not set, the latest upload shows as the default album cover and theuploaded photo is visible there, but when the album is opened, it does not show up in those tumbnails. The problem has nothing to do with the album count it seems, it has something to do with the photo size. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.


This has nothing to do with size. Could you check with a standard WordPress theme activated, say Twenty twelve and let us know?