One to one redirect not working

Migration from blogger to wordpress successful, but links for redirected posts have garbage in the middle.

Blogspot permalink

Wordpress link for same post:

Link created by plug-in:

Also, after completing all of this, can I change my Wordpress custom permalink setting, or will that break the one to one redirect?

@Jill Hughey
The redirection is working fine for me. I think you have fixed that issues yourself. :slight_smile:

Hit or miss. This link isn’t working for me, for example, but many are.

Also, can I change the permalink structure on Wordpress or will that ruin the one to one redirect? Thank you for your help and this plug-in.

It seems like that post is not imported into the WordPress blog OR the custom fields are not imported into WordPress. Check such field into that post editor.

If these fields are missing, then you may need to re-import content again.


Can I change the perma-link structure on the Wordpress site without disturbing the one to one redirect?

This is the link on the wordpress location for the post I mentioned in my last message. So, it is definitely there. I’m not sure what you mean by “custom fields” not imported.

Yes, you can change the permalink structure, but I can recommend to keep .html permalink as per the blogger blog post to keep your seo juice.

The custom fields you can find in post editor, something like attached image.


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