One-to-one posting doesn't seem to work

Sorry if this is a repeat question. I thought I installed the plug-in and configured the code correctly, but instead of taking me to the post from my old blog to my new blog, it just takes me to my new blog’s home page. I’m not sure what I have wrong…is there any way you can see what I need to do to fix it?

My old blog is:
My new blog is:

Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it!

I think you are using the same custom domain for old blogger blog. And because of that when you imported the content on WordPress blog, you were using the same custom domain, so the custom fields for each posts are set as instead of your blogpost domain.
So if its correct, then you don’t need to keep blogspot domain on your blogger blog, just use custom domain there and then redirection is not required from blogspot to WordPress blog URL.