One to Many: Image/Video to Albums


I would like my members to upload an image or video only once and then be able to assign to multiple albums--sort of like tagging/categorizing but with more specificity that album creation provides. The reasons are obvious. Is this also on your roadmap? If not, can it be?

Another question: Being able to mirror albums created in a user's Vimeo account?

I have other questions but I think this is a good enough start. :-)

Thank you!


The idea of being able to add a single media to multiple albums is doing rounds among us developers at rtCamp. All it needed was a real user's push. Thanks for that.

Mirroring and syncing other media networks, is something that we are not looking at, at all, as of now. We have more fundamental and pressing features and functionality that we still need to perfect. The plugin is young and although has taken its toddler steps and started walking, its not yet started to run. Adding Vimeo/FB/twitter/Youtube syncs would be akin to the ability to fly.

So, yeah. First, we build a hero. Then we'll come to building a superhero. You'd have to wait a little longer for it.

Thanks a lot for the support, though. Also, if you have some feature requests or other questions, do keep them coming. It'll definitely help us shape our vision for the plugin better.