Old image name displays on Activity Feed


I uploaded an image to an Album, then changed its name and added a description. (BTW, it would be nice if one could set a name and description during upload) The new name displays when I view the Media section of my profile, but in the Activity Stream, the original file name is always displayed.


Oh, and I see that there is a div for the description in the Activity Stream, but nothing is displayed there.


The photo was added to the demo site as an example: http://demo.rtcamp.com/buddypress-media/

You can see the original file name (beda13fc0244b0a41e22205583fb1262) is displayed above the photo and

is empty, but if you click the image, you see the title and description.



Activities are static, by default in BuddyPress. Which means that once they are created and stored in the database, we'd have to go back and reedit them after an edit in the actual media. We don't do that, as of now for optimisation purposes, but we are considering doing that (or at least provide an option in the settings) in the future.



I can appreciate that, but the HTML has a placeholder for the photo description, which I guess can never be populated, since there is no way to set the title or description when uploading the photo; you can only add those by going back later, which won't display in the feed. That seems weird. Cheers.


True. While we develop the plugin, we keep adding things here and there, for future development. Refactoring the uploader to add fields for setting privacy, editing title and description right at the time of upload is high on our priority. The description field is there in preparation of that.


Cool. That's good to know. I'll go look for your "donate to support development" button, which my client will be glad to pay knowing that's coming. :)


If you wish to do that, you can, here: http://rtcamp.com/donate/

Or, you could go ahead and sponsor this feature, like @HenryWright has done: http://rtcamp.com/news/buddypress-2-12-with-featured-media-support-released/