OEmbeds fail to work because Buddypress behavior



In BPMediaActivity

$newcontent = '

' . $this->get_text( $content ) . '


The above line causes problems with oembeds. If a person creates post with the following text: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrjCBuBcDVg. buddypress-media will wrap that up with


(using the code mentioned above). The oembed part of Wordpress will fail to pick up the URL, since oembed's require an oembed link to be on their own line separated by a new line. Ref

Fix: I'd say avoid adding the useless tags to correct this problem. Thanks. PS: If fixed, please use the Wordpress Profile link in fix details.


Hi Inderpreet,

We are very much aware of this issue. You might be following the progress on BuddyPress Media and might have realised that BuddyPress Media is being remade as rtMedia. All the code is on GitHub.

Any fixes on BuddyPress Media are redundant. You could test and suggest changes on the new code on GitHub: http://github.com/rtCamp/buddypress-media.



Hi, @inderpreet99 We are closing this issue since you got your resolution and also we didn't hear anything from you recently. If you have any more issues you are always welcome on our Support Forum.