ODD issue with some logged in users able to see videos and others unable

ok, I used rtMedia to allow just two or three simple video uploads for each BuddyPress user, not using albums or galleries. I copied the templates over to my child-theme and made some edits, no problem.

I wanted it so that only Friends can view each others’ videos, so I wrapped media-gallery.php with if ( ( bp_is_friend()) || ( is_user_logged_in() ) || ( is_admin() ) ) { } else { } which at first SEEMED to work.

as we’ve further tested it, we’ve found that SOME test users, after one requests the friendship of another, are able to see the video while others are not. It seems quite random, but it’s often one of the two new test users which cannot see the video.

I know next to nothing about BP or rtMedia, so I’m hoping some kind person can offer me a suggestion as to how one user could be different than the next according to rtMedia.

please? so grateful for anyone’s help, GN

Hello @glennnall,

Have you tried the Privacy option of rtMedia?

If not, you can try using the Media privacy feature - https://rtmedia.io/docs/features/privacy/

Here is the document which can guide you for the admin setting - https://rtmedia.io/docs/settings/privacy/

It depends on friends connection buddypress component. Once you enable that component you will see the Friends privacy option under the admin settings.

Please, try this after removing your custom code and let us know if this works for you.

Thank you, Pranali

thank you - trying it now

yes, I’m surprised I didn’t see this before, but by all appearances it’s just what I need - nevertheless, it’s not allowing Friends to view the media.

in doing some testing in media-gallery.php, i find that if (have_media()) is not returning anything except for admin’s profile…

does that tell you anything?

i really appreciate your help. this setting, once working, is just what I want…


thank you - but it isn’t working for some reason. have_rtmedia() in media-gallery.php isn’t returning for everyone, even though everyone has media.

Hello @glennnall,

We have sent you a private reply regarding your query.

Thank you.