Object caching with Nginx without any plugins

Hello Support,

We are planning for cloud architecture with Varnish and Nginx caching. we can specify object cache size in varnish.

e.g. do not cache object greater than 2Mb or so …

Is it possible in Nginx? If not than any other way? … apc … or memcache?..

PS: some back-ends has just Nginx (without varnish), on those servers we want to achieve object caching according to size.

anyone? … would be a great help…


For object and database cache with NGINX-WordPress websites, we use w3tc plugin.

Refer: https://rtcamp.com/easyengine/docs/commands/site/ee-site-create/standard-wordpress-sites/#wordpress--fastcgi-cache

You can set limit to memcache easily

Refer: https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/php/memcache/#config

Hello Mitesh,

Thank you for your reply, we are not going for wordpress site. it’s pure php site without wordpress.

other than w3tc?