Notification emails for tag feature



We have recently brought the addon "rtMedia Photo Tagging". And the tag feature is working fine but it is not sending any notifications for the users who are all tagged in the photos . We need to send the emails to the users who tagged in the images.

Please let me know

Our order id of the addon is #46690

Thanks Stan


@joshua we are awaiting for your reply to proceed further with the notifications.

Thanks Stan


@stan-reeves-963 - Just checked it out on our end and it works fine. There could be a few possibilities for this happening on your end as follows:

  • The mail could have gone in the spam folder
  • The user must have disabled notifications for when "A friend tags you in a photo" on their BuddyPress profile -> Settings -> Notifications
  • Your server must have reached its max mails per day capacity. You could check some tutorials here on that ( )

Try cross checking the above and see. Also check if you get other mails related to your WordPress setup.


@joshua i have checked the settings and it is enabled. We are getting screen notifications while taging the photo. We will check whether the email is related to mail server or not. at the same time is there any option for knowing "when a friend tags my photo in my album".

Thanks Stan


@stan-reeves-963 - That feature isn't available. You could create a separate topic for that as a feature request in the photo tagging plugin though.


@joshua is that part of the plugin or is it cost additional.

Thanks Stan


@stan-reeves-963 - It wouldn't cost additional unless you would willingly like to sponsor that feature. You could just create a topic for that so that the rtMedia team could review it and decide on its inclusion, if it is inline with its roadmap.


@stan-reeves-963 - I may have misinterpreted your feature. Anyhow, you wouldn't have to pay anything extra for it. We would add that in the next release of the photo tagging plugin.

If I am not wrong you want to be notified if someone tags anyone in a photo you uploaded or in any photo uploaded to your album. We have created a ticket for the same here ->


@joshuaabenazer we need the feature notification "if someone tags anyone in a photo i uploaded or in any photo uploaded on my album" . I am not able to access the git ticket. do i need to use the same login which i use for purchasing the addon .

Thanks Stan


@joshuaabenazer kindly provide us the access to so we can review the progress of the ticket

Thanks Stan


You must have got a mail regarding the login credentials on the email id through which you purchased the product. Please check the spam folder too. Let me know if you are unable to find it still.


@joshuaabenazer Now we are able to access the files. we will review the ticket and download the file once its completed.

Thanks Stan