Nothing works

I can't seem to get anything to work in the BP media plugin it used to work fine but all of a sudden it stopped. seems none of the links buttons do anything. drag and drop doesn't do anything. i have tried a different theme and disable all other plug in and still not working. also when it was working in the past those photos are missing the light box function

for got the url

That sounds like it could be a JavaScript loading issue. Perhaps check that it is loading properly?

Same issue here. Not a theme problem because the problem is the same trying twenty-twelve.
Post Update without any media attachment -NOTHING shows in update. Try to click Attach Media, no response no nothing. Tried rolling back a few updates ... nothing working at this point.

The only way I could get my post update to work was to turn off activity upload... which is an inconvenience for my members. Please advise. I tested as low as 2.13.1. No Java errors. Not a theme issue.

just noticed it works one time per user after the user uploads an image then it stops working completely . i don't know how to trouble shoot java?

turning off activity upload didn't change anything for me