Not working in Microsoft edge

I use this plugin without any problems in Firefox and Chrome. In Microsoft Edge however the plugin isn’t doing anything.

The icon is showing in buddypress activity but nothing happens. Can anybody help me?

Hello @Systemedic,

We are checking your query and update you soon.


The problem is there in Safari to.

I have the same problem with Microsoft Edge, there is any news about it?

Hello @Systemedic and @Antonio_Mangiacapra,

We checked BuddyPress activity upload with Microsoft Edge and found that the select media dialogue box opens after clicking the button twice.

We will look into this issue with the first click and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Thank you for pointing out this to us.

Regards, Pranali

Hi pranalipatel,

Thank you so much for the details, hope to hear news soon :slight_smile:


Hello @Antonio_Mangiacapra,

Could you please once try by updating your website to the latest version of BuddyPress 2.7.3?


Hello @Antonio_Mangiacapra and @Systemedic,

We have released a new update of rtMedia v4.4.3 with the BuddyPress activity upload issue with Microsoft Edge fixed. Could you please update the same on your website and check if it is working fine for you?