Not purging home for scheduled articles (nginx-helper)?


i have a strange behavior on one of our site, witch in fact is used a bit differently a normal blog would be used. The article-writers never do a live publishing, they write lets say 200 articles at the beginning of the month, which get scheduled to be published during the month. So not one single live publishing is done! The rest of the month nobody changes or writes anything new.

Nginx cache flushing works when i edit an article, or when i publish one “normally”. So flushing basically works.

But could it be, that the plugin does not trigger a home/root/article flush in the moment the wp-cron publishes the articles that have been scheduled to be published?

Because thats what happens at least for me. The articles published via cron/scheduler do not appear on the home unless i make some kind of article editing, and than they appear…

help/suggestions would be very apreciated.