Not possible to edit translations?



Why are the .po files not available? There are a few missing da_DK translations, that I cannot add without the .po file. Any suggestions on what I can do?



Hello @peterspliid,

If you are finding translation strings missing from rtMedia translation project then you can always contribute to it. You can check following doc for how to contribute to translations:

You can add missing translated words and it will be updated in next release.

Please, correct us if we have misunderstood your query.

Thank you.


Thank you.

I still think it’s odd that the .po files are not provided. I have a live site with this plugin, and for me it is really unprofessional to have english strings here and there. It seems like there is nothing I can do about it, besides contributing and waiting for the next update


It seems like I need to register to submit new translations, which I can’t because registration is disabled.


Hello @peterspliid,

The name of the file of translation ready texts for rtMedia plugin is buddypress-media.po . It is located at this path : wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/languages.

We have sent you a private message regarding the registration.

Thank you.