Not able to upload any media in Activity post with bbpress

Not able to upload any media in Activity post with bbpress.I I click on Attach file, it is not doing any event.I am using
WP Version 3.8.1 .
bbpress rtmedia

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@rashmi.inventors, I think you are talking about BuddyPress and not bbPress. Which version of rtMedia you are using? Are there any js error in console?

Hi, I have the same problem, I installed wp 3.8.1 and ultiam version of rtmedia. when I click to send average nothing happens. could you give me this support?


Hi Weslley,

Is there any js error? Can you please check rtMedia with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled? Also, in which browser you are testing?

Hi all

This may be the same problem - I am unable to upload some images from the buddypress activity or in the media section. I have amended the max_upload_size to be 64M and uploading images works fine in the admin media upload.

However, if I choose an image of 5MB it does not show any error; no message at all. It simply seems to ignore the request to add the file. If I choose a smaller image, of 1MB or less then your plugin works as it should. I don't know at what point it doesn't work, as I haven't tested every MB, but can you think of something that may be limiting the max file size within your plugin?

Oh, I also changed the max upload size of images from 0 to 64MB in case that was having an impact; but that did not change the behaviour.

This is happening on windows and mac os, and my android phone.

I don't know if this is the same issue as above, but perhaps their files are also large and not being shown any error message too?

Thanks Rob

@robhartley, can you give debug info from rtMedia admin settings?

Hi Ritesh - please see below.

Home URL Site URL PHP 5.4.25 MYSQL 5.5.35 WordPress 3.8.1 BuddyPress 1.9.2-7798 rtMedia 3.6.5 OS Linux Imagick Not Installed GD bundled (2.1.0 compatible) [php.ini] post_max_size 64M [php.ini] upload_max_filesize 64M [php.ini] memory_limit 256M

Hi! I'm having the same problem. First I thought it's my themes fault, but I'm glad finding this thread. In my case only the upload-file dialog doesn't work. The #rTmedia-queue-list stays empty. If I'm using the drag&drop way it is working well.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Mario

@robhartley, that is strange. can you try uploading with other plugins disabled and with default WordPress theme. Also check on fresh WordPress setup.

@mrioa, In which browser you are facing issue? You can check our demo here -> it is working fine. Is there any js error in console?

Hi Ritesh The problem is with the RTMedia Pro plugin...once disabled I can attach a 5MB image; however, the image will not upload as it still shows a 2MB limit. I assume this is because I need the Pro version to unlock the different file size uploads.

I am running RTmedia Pro version 1.7 - is this the latest version? If not please can you tell me where I can update - my account section is empty.

I don't know if the other problems people were having are with RTmedia Pro too, but if not, then happy for you to move my comments to another thread.

@robhartley, Current version of rtMedia-PRO is 2.1. Previously we had put an admin notice to manually update rtMedia-PRO. You can update rtMedia-PRO from here ->

Can you give your order number for rtMedia-PRO because we can't verify your ID. From which ID you had purchased rtMedia-PRO?

Hi Ritesh I've emailed Nitun directly. Please follow up via email if you have more questions on purchase ID. Thanks Rob

Thanks for your help team - my issue now resolved :) Hope the other posters on here get resolved too.

Hi again, sorry for the delay. My problem is related to my theme, your plugin is working fine :)

Thanks anyway for the help! - Mario

@robhartley and @mrioa, glad to know that your issue has been solved :)