Not able to access database via admin tools

When i access database via
I see no tables. The error also says, No tables found in database.

I am also getting database permission error for a few plugin, which needs to create or access new tables in wordpress db.

There is one thing i did , i changed all file permission in /var/lib/docker/ folder to root and /var/lib/docker/volumes/healthywomenguidecom_htdocs/_data folder file permissions to www-data , so that i can access the files in ftp.

Please let me know, if this affects database access. and whats the right way to access the wordpress files via ftp.

It was a file permission issue. I fixed it by using this command :

chown -R 999:docker /var/lib/docker/volumes/global-db_db_data

It changed file permission of global-data_db_data folder to 9999:docker

I am having exactly the same issue, can you help me out

I am also switching to root and www-data just to access the filezilla

I didnt got this part 999:docker

chown -R 999:docker /var/lib/docker/volumes/global-db_db_data