Non-standard SSH port ... where is this going to cause an issue?

I use a non-standard SSH port.

The documentation says to use 22 for SSH, but I’d rather not change.

Which functions in Easyengine use SSH - or where am I going to run into problems? Maybe I can ignore the requirement & not change my ports …

You can change ssh port. There is no problem when you change it. The only thing you need to do, is open this port in your firewall.

Thanks, yes I have my non-standard port open and I can ssh to my server.

I looked through the Easyengine scripts, but did not see any SSH commands. Normally you have to add the -p and port number if you use non standard ports for ssh to work. Maybe there are some other commands that use ssh that I missed, that will need the non-standard port as a parameter?

There are no ssh operations within easyengine that I’m aware of. Also using non-standard ports.

Same here: not using standard ports for security reasons. No problems in conjunction with ee.