Non-latin letters doesn`t work in Album`s names and in Images names


Hello, I try new version of rtCamp but I noticed that non-latin cyrillic letters no more work in Albums and images names. You can see it on my site

And also I tried to upload files with cyrillic names on your server but nothing happens.

On your server I can not even upload it. With previous versions of BP Media it worked perfectly. Now I want to buy your PRO version for very useful feature (files size limits), but now I'm upset because the cyrillic letters are critical for me. :(

Example of letters that I use for files: "Лето.jpg", "Весна.jpg", "Осень.jpg"

and for Album name: "Альбом", "Времена года"


@weddywood - We are looking into this issue and will update you regarding this soon.


@weddywood, this issue has been fixed with the latest version of rtMedia v3.2.12. Please update rtMedia and let us know regarding the same.