No video thumbnails or even the option to regenerate on Dashboard->Media>Library


Using latest versions of Buddypress, S2Member, Wordpress and a couple other plugins. Installed rtMedia just like I did on another site, no problem. Installed Transcoder just like I did on another site, problem. I got my key and enable transcoding. I have tried 5 videos and there is 0gb usage and not thumbnails being generated. I read here that I can manually force a thumbnail regeneration by going through the media library rtMedia option for direct upload is off.

But I don’t get a video menu box. If I go to the media page, there is no thumbnail option. I tried de-activating, re-activating, removing the plugins, reinstalling the plugins, reactivation again. I didn’t have any of these problems on the other site I am working on with similar plugins.

Anyone have any ideas other than starting over?Ha!


Hi @johnampweb,

It’s strange that thumbnails are getting generated for the one site and not for other site. Regarding usage data ( 5gb ) it might be a case that your license key is renewed for this month.

To investigate further on your mentioned issue I will send you a private message, so that I can get the license key and other required details.