No Verify Configuration Button?

Hi, I have followed all the steps listed here:

and everything went really well for the most part.

I have just installed and activated the Blogger To WordPress Redirection plugin - and added the JS to the Blogger template. However, there is NO Verify Configuration button on the settings page for the plugin after doing this??

Also, if I visit:, the Blogger blog loads for a while, then I’m re-directed to the new site at but with an additional url in the address bar:

How do I get rid of the additional “?bloggerURL=/k/” ??

Which plugin you are using for blogger to WordPress js code?

This string “?bloggerURL=/k/” is not provided by our plugin. Our plugin use “/?b2w=” variable.
Please cross check with that plugin developer. Or you can use our plugin


My apologies! There are two plugins called ‘Blogger to Wordpress’ and I installed the first one that came up - that wasn’t yours!

I have just set up yours, and it works perfectly - thank you so much! Sorry for wasting your time :slight_smile:

Not an issue…
Have a great day! :slight_smile:
Closing this topic now.