No Thumbnails in Media Gallery or Video Upload


While there is an option for how many thumbnails to generate for an uploaded video (and I’m using the encoding service), there do not seem to be any thumbnail choices available when uploading or editing videos.

Thumbnails are indeed showing on the video players themselves, but I cannot seem to get anything but the generic filmstrip icon for videos on the Media Gallery page. Am I missing something?


Hi @WOWLogan,

We have tested on our end and it is working fine. You can check our demo site ->

Can you please try testing with WordPress default theme and other plugins disabled? Are you facing any JavaScript or any server error?

Thank you.


Thanks, I am on a default theme and I tried disabling other plugins to no avail. I’ve included screenshots showing the default thumnbails on the Video Gallery page and the lack of thumbnail options when you go to edit a video (clicking on “Details” does nothing):


Hi @WOWLogan,

Have you checked with new uploads after enabling default theme and I disabling other plugins?

Thank you.


Thanks, Pranali. Yes, I tried in TwentyThirteen and TwentyFourteen in addition to the TwentyTwelve theme I am currently using with all other plugins disabled and I still get no thumbnail options for videos or thumbnails in the video galleries.


What do you have your encoding settings to? Upload a screenshot here!


I’m not really aware of any settings, I’m just using the free encoding service for testing to see if we want to invest in the premium levels.


Hi @WOWLogan,

We have sent you private message for the same.

Thank you.