No redirect, blank white screen / page is appearing as a blank white page and not redirecting to my blog.

The site/blog location is on a special category:

... but I don't even think it's getting to that point. It seems to be stuck right on Blogger.

I am currently using the unmodified generated code given by the plugin with the classic blogger template.

Here is the generated code. I noticed it does not have a domain, just a '/' root. Is this normal?

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Hello ratspeed,
The plugin should provide a correct code, I am not sure why you are not getting the domain name with it. While clicking on the ‘Get Code’ button did you see the your blogspot domain name?

Yes, and I tried putting them in manually and the blog still shows as a blank white page. Let me return the code to the classic template with the generated code so you can see. Gimme a few minutes.

I made this screenshot so you could see how the configuration page looks. I have the code once again loaded into a classic template on

Hey ratspeed,
This issue might be because of the other plugins conflict with our plugin. Please try it once by deactivating other plugins.

OR you can replace the “/” with your domain name in your blogger classic template: (like below mentioned)

window.location.replace(""+window.location.pathname); window.location.replace("");


Do I replace it in all fields or just some?

Btw, I have all other plugins deactivated and it still does not generate it. I’m trying manually.

Okay, I have replaced the / 's with the domain. The code is active, but it still is a blank white page when I load the blog domain.

Oh wait, I see… one sec, editing…

Alright! It’s working now. Here’s a screenshot of the new code so you can see:

Is everything as it should be in the code?

I guess, it working fine now! :slight_smile:

I think everything is fine now except I need to change the URL precisely to the blog category slug for the “Sorry” page. Thank you for the help!

Yep, You are welcome! :slight_smile: