No link to a created Album in activity stream

If I create an rtMedia album (in a group or in a profile) and upload a few pictures the buddypress activity stream just says: " added 4 Photos 2 minutes ago" and shows 1 or a few pictures (depending on rtMedia settings). There is only a link to and a link to the activity item itself (by clicking “2 minutes ago”) But NO link to the album and there is no way to know that an album was created and no way to know where this album can be found. Have I missed something or do I need to do additional coding. And if so: has anybody any idea how to accomplish what I am looking for: a link to the actual album in the buddypress activity stream. Thanx!


Hello @fredricq,

It’s a nice suggestion! We will definitely discuss your query with the team and keep you posted regarding it.

Thank you.