No default gzip on v4?


Looking at results of a gtmetrix test, seems gzip is not turned on by default on (the awesome) v4? Not hard to turn on of course but surprised it’s not there already…


Funny … looking at nginx.conf for one of my sites, I see that Gzip is all turned on, and yet…

GTmetrix says NO!!

If I am not mistaken we have Nginx per site, with the conf file here: /opt/easyengine/sites/

So what am I missing?


Likely something messed up with GTMetrix.

I have a site setup with EE4 and using this tool it says that GZip is enabled and compressing properly. . .


Ah, thanks. Yes your test shows me working. Actually it was pingdom that said it, gtmetrix not complaining. Pingdom also tells me I should use a CDN, cos cloudflare doesn’t count in their opinion, and I should use cookie free domains… which is all rubbish of course, cloudflare with its security cookies still faster than the ones without. Pingdom no longer explains any of its reasoning. Actually today is the last time I will use it! Thanks again :smile: