No cache option still has caching?

Hello guys! From my understanding, EE offers four caching options: No Cache, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and FastCGI Cache.

However, when I try installing with the No Cache option, I still end up with Nginx Helper plugin installed. Does this mean there is still caching? If so, how do I get no caching.

If it does mean there is no caching, why is that plugin installed anyway?

Thanks in advance!

Nginx Helper does not cache anything (although it provides means to flushing the cache).

It just prevents WordPress of misdetecting mod_rewrite and some other stuff.

But don’t take my words, just make your tests and get your own conclusions.

I have done my own tests, which is why I posted. I am not seeing changes show up UNLESS I purge the cache. Why is that if no caching exists?