Nginx + Wordpress = bound to only :80

Hello Wordpress Wizards! I have a set of weird problems with a new install of selfhosted WP + latest everything on Ubuntu server 18,

Nginx is not really interested in running https for some weird reason. I modified the config file to :443 and enabled ssl lines, nada, stuck on :80 and it still refuses all https connections after reloads and reboots.

The goal is to setup a WooCommerce site and my reverse proxy is supposed to be doing all of the heavy-lifting with the certificates and such, but somehow the insecure connection is making it all the way through the cloudflare network.

Any thoughts on what to do to make it happy?

In my setup everything is inside of docker containers, and I have a wordpress multisite with subdomains, that is being proxied with nginx. My nginx configuration file, has 2 server brackets for http and https, without any subdomain proxy. Everything that has the domain server gets proxied to the wordpress multisite docker instalation.

Now I want to set another docker container with a flask program, running gunicorn. The problem is that i want a specific subdomain for it, and I cant find nowhere how to set this up inside of the configuration file
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There’s no easy way to proxy other non EEv4 containers because the master nginx.conf file gets overwritten each time a new site gets created/deleted. I’ve faced this issue before so I left EEv4 and made my own stack using Traefik; much better choice than jwilder’s nginx proxy.

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