Nginx vs Litespeed in optimal conditions?


Anyone saw any good comparison for an acceptable WP site? There are many benchmarks on LS site which seems strange, some have apache being vastly superior to Nginx


Litespeed is a paid product, right?

I think it makes any comparison between LItespeed and Nginx very unfair.

Not sure about fairness, but I am interested in quality information…

Inn such cases do your own testing, don’t trust anyone. Everything will be biased, except the tests you make yourself according to your methodology.

See, I hoped some standard WP test could be done. Maybe I’ll do it myself indeed

Litespeed is a paid server. They do have an open source version though - OpenLiteSpeed. Litespeed folks claim the speed should be comparable with the paid version. They also claim that it is faster than NGINX or Apache.

I tried it before but I found it slow probably because I wasn’t sure how to configure it correctly and was following an outdated tutorial. They have a forum site and in one thread, there’s a tutorial on how to configure a ols/php/mysql server for wordpress. I will probably try it when I get the chance:

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Yes, I think it could be nice to test some environments and web servers in a more reliable manner.

Nginx has been good to me, to be honest, and if I’ll be glad if I could overload it with my cheap VPS…

The main difference is the .htaccess support. Litespeed is the only alternative to Apache for shared hosting providers to use less resources with .htaccess support. So litespeed performance are not bad, but if you use EE, litespeed should not be needed.