NGINX noob question

I am running EE on a Digital Ocean Droplet and it works fantastic!

This is what I would like to do:

Spin up a new EE installation, lets call it

Without effecting the live on another host, I want the ability to access my droplet by using the IP address.

So in Apache, if my IP address is, my site would be available at

How do get this same functionality in NGINX.

Thanks, AS

Why not use subdomain instead? Something like or, just point these subdomains to new IP address of your new DO droplet, and if everything works as required you can copy to your main live site.

You can change your Windows or Linux host file on your PC to accesss the website on new server.

Just add below line to host

just add the ip in your host ex. then restart or reload your nginx

Just remember you can’t use Lets Encrypt on a subdomain yet.

Of course you can!

I use LE on subdomains all the time!

You just have to make sure you have an A or CNAME entry in your DNS pointing to the same place where your subdomain dwells.

Isn’t there also an issue with including a www cname too?

I’m not aware of any issue like this.