Nginx map on wordpress multisite fresh 3.5 install affect logging options

hi, firstly thanks very much for your series of article on wordpress with nginx very helpful :-)

i've just finished setting up a fresh wordpress 3.5 with multisite subdirectories/domain mapping and installed your nginx-helper plugin.

i was trying to setup the nginx map when I came across your comment that it is no longer needed with a fresh install of 3.5 so I un-ticked the option, however this makes the logging options disappear!! I'm assuming this is a bug?

Am I safe to enable nginx map from plugin to make the logging options appear assuming I have no map directive in nginx.conf. I'm guessing so but would like confirmation.


It sounds like a bug!

Yeah, you can turn on map just to turn on logging. It won't break anything.

Map option just create a text file which we need to manually add in nginx config. Just do NOT add that file in nginx.

By the way, you can fork the project here - and send pull-request with bug fixing (if you wish to)

By the way added this issue here:

have forked, fixed and submitted a pull request.