Nginx-Mainline Not Working Anymore

I’ve been using EasyEngine on Laravel Forge for a couple months. It takes some tweaking to get it to work but - for me - it’s worth using both tools. Because Forge installs Nginx Mainline I’ve been using the beta of EE.

Just in the last couple days my EE install has been failing with the following error:

Error: The following packages have unmet dependencies: nginx-mainline : Depends: nginx-common (= 1.9.9-7ppa) but 1.9.10-1+trusty0 is to be installed Conflicts: nginx-light but 1.9.10-1+trusty0 is to be installed

After some digging I’m coming up with nothing. It looks like you guys are the only one that releases that mainline in your repo. And so I can’t seem to get the beta to install. That new 1.9.10 is a security update and all previous versions are impacted. It came out on the 26th… and that’s when things started to break for me.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

Now that nginx has been updated to the newest mainline release we’re getting a different error…

Depends: nginx-common (= 1.9.10-1ppa) but 1.9.10-1+trusty0 is to be installed