Nginx Log file filling fast on server, don't know how to disable logs on V4


On a new site I created, the log file fills so fast with messages like the following that it completely filled my server storage. On V3 I would know how to disable nginx logging or do something else to fix, but I’m having trouble finding out how to make edits in V4 with the container system. Any edit I make for logs off gets erased after next container restart.


{“log”:"\u001b[0;33;1mnginx.1 | \u001b[ - - [15/Jan/2019:04:48:57 +0000] “{\x22id\x22:1,\x22jsonrpc\x22:\x222.0\x22,\x22method\x22:\x22login\x22,\x22params\x22:{\x22login\x22:\x22N9emUy6baNTbNwFzZmjzzg7bntSr6TFYRiJy6oXuosHhQZamMFZXzpYENJcdXvC5cwN8oqCrXJ4YYgWRgBNXZk6a33wT7os\x22,\x22pass\x22:\x22x\x22,\x22agent\x22:\x22svshost/1.0 (Linux x86_64) libuv/1.19.2-dev gcc/7.2.0\x22}}” 400 166 “-” “-”\n",“stream”:“stdout”,“time”:“2019-01-15T04:48:57.799128019Z”}

Try adding

access_log off;
error_log off;

to /opt/easyengine/sites/ and restart nginx container of the site by ee site restart --nginx
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the logs are still filling up. Could it be because I’m only editing the config for the site, but the logs are for the general nginx config? It seems like the “attack” is against the IP directly. It seems to be something to do with “jsonrpc”.

You can try this to disable logs on the global nginx proxy:
create a custom configuration by
nano /opt/easyengine/services/nginx-proxy/conf.d/logs.conf
and add the following to it

access_log off;
error_log off;

I don’t know if ‘jsonrpc’ is something related to xml-rpc. You could try disabling xml-rpc on wordpress and see if the issue persists.

Thanks again for the reply. I created the file and restarted the service, then even the server to make sure. The logs are still filling up. I know it’s nginx because if I delete the log and restart the service, the log is recreated. I’m not sure which module it’s for as the folder names are random.


I don’t think disabling any plugin would help, as the connections are external with a 400 error. So I take that to mean they are already not working. The only issue is the log filling up and crashing my server. If I create a snapshot of the server and put on a new IP, the issue stops, so that makes me think it’s truly external and nothing to do with my configuration causing the logs.