NGiNX Helper & Visual Composer


Im on the right setup with Redis cache and NGiNX Helper plugin. If edit post it’s purge the cache, however since I use Visual composer to build my home page it seems cache not get purged. My question is if supported NGiNX Helper to purge cache on homepage that is created with Visual composer plugin.

Thasnk you very much that you made the web.

Nginx config to purge cache from static homepage build with the visual composer I think could do the trick!

Thank you in advance

@virtubox I see you are the expert here, may you can help me with this query I have?

Hello @Gregory, from my experience visual composer doesn’t work properly with --wpredis, and it’s not an issue related to easyengine because even on server running without easyengine, if redis-object-cache plugin is enabled, there are error inside visual composer.

I suggest you to try fastcgi cache instead of redis-cache.