Nginx Helper plugin: Custom url purge with fastcgi cache nginx?

Greetings, and thank you so much for such a great plugin!

I have the following options enabled:
-nginx Fastcgi cache and Delete local server cache files
Also all options under:

Purge Homepage:

Purge Post/Page/Custom Post Type:

Purge Archives:

and my local fastcgi cache path correctly defined in wp-config.php, “Purge Entire Cache” does the job well, my homepage gets purged fine too, however, for instance, my site is:, the url: doesn’t get purged (and it is an important page that lists all the recent articles of today, therefore needs to be purged together with homepage)

I need exactly the function Custom Purge URL, adding there /latest-articles/, but it says only for redis cache.

How can I achieve that?
Many thanks in advance,

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