Nginx Helper doesn’t purge homepage/static page

Hi! I use lastes Wordpress with Divi theme, as homepage I’ve a static page made with page builder, , in that page I’ve a list with last blog entries, but when I insert a new blog or edit last one, I don’t see the changes in the home page, I must wait that cache expires, I tried to forse purge pushing the “Purge Entire Cache” on your plugin, but nothing, that trouble it’s only in the main static page, because the cache about blog entries it’s ok.

I tried to insert / or /home (home is the slug of the static page) in “Custom Purge URL” but nothing…

Any suggest?

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I have same problem. When I add/change post/page cache is not purged. Cache is purged only when I hit ‘purge entire cache’ button. Here’s my nginx config