Nginx Helper does not clear the cache

I’m using the latest version of the “Nginx Helper” plugin 1.9.11, together with easyengine and redis installed with the built-in eansyengine commands. the cache works fine, but it is only cleaned with the “Redis Object Cache” plugin, the “Nginx Helper” plugin does not clear the cache the prefix settings are set in both plugins. The Nginx and php logs do not report errors and the “Nginx Helper” plugin log reports that everything went well but the cache is not clean. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 64x with easyengine, I have several sites created with the command “sudo ee site create --wp”, “sudo ee site create --wp”, …

This is an old issue, treated here several times.

You probably updated the domain from --wp to --wpredis.

You must edit your wp-config.php and move the line which defines the “REDIS key salt” from the last line of the file to somewhere above “please stop editing” comment.

I don’t remember exactly what you have to look for, but you certainly will understand what I’m talking about as soon as you open wp-config.php for edition.

Yes, this is exactly what happened, I upgraded a site created with --wp to --wpredis, but I already have WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT defined in my wp-config, and I have the same value set in the prefix field of the Nginx helper plugin but the cache is not clean when creating or updating a post.

WHERE is the define in your wp-config.php?

Try moving it a few lines above (I use mine in second line, always) and testing again.