Nginx helper and 404 not pages after a while

Hello there,

I have setup a single wordpress site following, but I’m having a problem, every x amount of time (it varies) when I visit the homepage not logged as admin I get a 404 page not found error. It is easily to solve by just going into the admin -> nginx helper and clicking on purge cache. I can also solve it by just going into any article and hitting save without even modifying the content.

So I’m guessing the save mechanism is triggering the purge cache from nginx helper as it should, but I can’t be monitoring the site for 404 page not found. How can I force nginx helper to auto purge cache after x amount of time or before throwing the 404 error on the homepage. I’m also guessing there is some kind of quota that is getting full for the 404 to appears.

Any help is appreciated.



It seems like your nginx is not compiled with nginx-cache-purge module.
Please refer this:

I just ran the command to check if the module is present and that is the output.

nginx -V 2>&1 | grep nginx-cache-purge -o

To debug the issue we need a server login details
You can send the server login details at