NGINX Duplicate Location


I have edited my sites-available config file and get a error when it try’s to restart.

The standard settings from EE already have a location / {} settings and I wish to add an additional setting to this location, however, if I do this then update EE I will loose my custom settings.

I figure I could have another location / {} with my settings and NGINX would use all of them.

Apparently not. I have to have all settings in one location block.

Whats the best way to do this?


I am sure others have come across this problem and have a solution??


AFAIK in once “location = /abc” declared you cannot create another “location = /abc”

You may pull request to EasyEngine developers to use “location ~* /abc” instead of straight “location = /abc”


you may copy EasyEngine configuration and paste it as your custom configuration

for example, you may copy wpcommon.conf into wpcommon-rexi88.conf, edit it, and then edit your site configuration…

Thank you,

How does ~* /abc help though? Won’t that just mean it isn’t case sensitive?