Nginx doesn’t work


My site have the issue to display and now it dead. As i am not a programmer and i run by trying to study from internet.
My hosting Dreamhost suggestion me to follow and it’s not work. and after that they recommend me follow it’s not work again. And i know the problem is, i do something wrong.

  • I need to config my site to run with nginx + FastCGI (my site have FastCGI install)
  • My configuration file is in home/user/nginx/ and wordpress.conf (please see attached file)
  • I am attached error.log (please see attached file)

Please help me too.

Thank you
Sermsakwordpress.conf.txt (2.5 KB) error.log (108.5 KB)


For more information. Now i’m changed wordpress.conf wordpress.conf.txt (646 Bytes) (please see attached file). and my site it’s work again. but i know it will not stable, because i used to config like this before. after 1-2 hours it will display 504 or 502 Gateway Time Out nginx 1.4.4

Thank you