Nginx configuration settings | do not trust [audit: pending]

Hi Rahul,

Please find my settings: URL:

I use AWS EC2 with Security Group ... , [Debian OS], Haproxy, Varnish, Nginx, Memcached, php5-fpm, mysql, Naxsi, fail2ban, iptables, Wordpress and few wordpress plugins such as W3 Total Cache (latest version with one bug correction) (NOTE: do not use fastcgi-cache URL:;

URL: recommendations used on this small project.

On this project, I need: - best practices (tutorial purpose, as it is a small project) - security (snort is missing at least, but security topic is not forgotten ) - reliability: high, efficiency: medium/high, scalability: low/high (cdn with AWS Cloudfront is missing)


Your configuration is different than what we provide in our series -

Sorry but we provide support only for issues related to our tutorials.

Also, we don't use or recommend varnish with nginx -

May I know reason for your line:

(NOTE: do not use fastcgi-cache URL:

Nginx fastcgi-cache is better and more scalable in our experience.