Nginx config file

Looked in the FAQ and documentation and couldn’t find the answer I’m looking for.

Wondering where the nginx config file is as I need to make some edits, specifically add some rewrite rules that exist on my current apache configuration and also to make sure permalinks work on the new server.


You can use following command to edit site specific configuration:

ee site edit  

Your apache rewrite rules are not supported in Nginx configuration, you need to convert that apache specific rules to Nginx rules.

Ok, cool.

Having a weird issue trying to edit that file. I chose Nano as the editor (which works fine on my Linode server when editing other files). But editing this configuration file isn’t working. Any time I click the arrow key on my keyboard it starts rewriting the config file. Pressing the down arrow key writes ^[OB and when I try to exit (using ctrl-x) it writes ^X.

Have to force quite Terminal to get out. Have tried twice and same result.

Do you think this is a problem with the easy engine install, since I can use Nano on other server documents?

Have confirmed that I can use Nano outside of easy engine and it works fine. Only gives me this strange bug when working with easy engine files.

Found the text files on the server, so I guess I don’t need to use the ee site edit command anyway.

ee site edit command additionally checks if updated nginx config is correct. Then it reloads nginx if config is correct.

Well, that would be a cool feature. Any ideas why trying to use keys or ctrl is writing those strange characters?

same thing happen to me, anyway to fix?

I ended up using SFTP to make the edit as I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

Hi peter1,

Instead nano, change your default editor to vim. It will reduce your overhead of using sftp.
To change your default editor follow this.

rm .selected_editor.  

Now enter ee site edit it will ask to choose default editor and select vim.

Hello @peter1 ,

It’s been a long time, and we haven’t heard from you. It looks like your issue is resolved.

I am closing this support ticket for now. Feel free to create a new support ticket if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: