Nginx caching how to implement it? proxy cache |fast cgi | open files cache

i want to cache static files of all WordPress sites

in /var/www/ngcache/

proxy caching not working nginx is the main server use nginx as both proxy and server

Open file cache only caches metadata about files.

i implemented .opcache setting for PHP

browser caching done.

i am really confused


if you use nginx as main web server, you cannot use the proxy_cache directive. But it’s not really needed, because nginx can handle static files directly.

Thank you!

How to implement fastcgi cache for all websites in the server.

What are best php-fpm settings.

Only php using 60-70% ram not nginx why?

Getting rhigh server response time 0.6 600ms in Google pi

The tutorial is available here :

And you can find almost all optimization in the php tutorial section :

About ram usage, Nginx never use more than few Mb, that’s it main feature. Server response time depend also on your geographic location.

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