New Site shows nginx Welcome Page

Hello all!

I recently rebuilt my Wordpress server with easyengine.

I followed this guide to build out a Multisite/Subdomain/Domain Mapping Wordpress Network.

I seem to have the subdomain -> domain mapping set up correct, however; when I load the new domain it only shows the nginx welcome page. Attempting to edit the new site via Wordpress shows a blank page with the normal editing options.

Now… Looking at my directory structure I still only see 22222, MYDOMAIN, default, in sites-enabled and sites-available.

Do I have to manually create each new folder? If so is there a guide on how to do that?


Still need help but I figured ONE thing out…

I still had the default config inside /etc/nginx/sites-enabled

Rookie mistake! I know!

Now my new domain is just routing to my main domain

Explanation by way of example: is my main site. is the subdomain mapped to

When I enter into a browser I get the correct site.

When I enter into a browser I get


Also just noticed that Wordpress isn’t sending emails…!

Here’s a pastebin of my error log after running:

sudo ee debug --nginx

sudo ee debug --php

sudo ee debug --rewrite


If you installed easy engine you shouldn’t have to follow Rahuls tutorials to build a multisite setup. EE will do it for you.

on a fresh server with easyengine.

sudo ee site create --wpsubdomain --php7 --wpredis

It has been a long time since I messed around with WordPress multisite so you’ll have to figure out the mapping and whatnot. But that command should set you up with a damned fast install. So in short I would scrap what you have done so far and start over letting ee do the work for you.

Best regards

Hey wcat,

Thanks for the suggestion…

What’s funny is, as you can see in my initial post, I DID use EE to set up the site initially. Maybe I’m just dense and touched something I shouldn’t have… who knows. Regardless I figured out that each mapped domain requires it’s own server block, that the “server_name_in_redirect off;” command should only be turned on in the MAIN server block, and that my DNS settings were just slightly off.

All of that (accurate or not) lead me to get everything up and running.

Thanks for the reply though! Glad to know someone’s out there. :slight_smile:

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