New site setup with InfinityWP


I am setting up a bunch of websites for our corporate office and our different branch locations. I originally looked at Wordpress Multi-site and setup a few test scenarios with moderate success; moderate because I require domain mapping which is pretty fickle given the 3rd party plugin and the lack of community support. That being said I was able to setup a multi-site network with success.

It was bugging me that the domain mapping required a third party plugin that doesn’t seem to be in “active” development so I started searching for alternatives. It would appear InfinityWP is the answer to all my needs. It lets me keep each of the sites on a separate system, it lets me control updates, backups, etc. It also lets you clone an existing site like the site cloner tool for Wordpress Multi-site but it obviously deploys them on a separate server.

Which brings me to my question. I would like to use the cloning function in InfinityWP for the branch sites but I would like to clone them to servers that are setup using EasyEngine. I see your can setup a base for a PHP site with MySQL by running the below command:

ee site create --mysql

but I am guessing it doesn’t make all the configure changes to the sites Nginx config to be able to fully utilize any of the caching plugins for Wordpress. Am I incorrect in thinking this? Is there a Wordpress setup that will work out of the box with the W3TC plugin or any of the others with the above command or would I have to manually modify each site’s config file to fully utilize any of the caching plugins for a cloned site. The clone site would obviously already have whichever caching plugin installed and configured but they all require custom config changes to the site’s Nginx config correct?

I would prefer to use fastcgi_cache if at all possible but I am looking for the setup that requires the least amount of altering after the base install to get the cloned Wordpress site to work correctly.

I know this isn’t the normal setup for EasyEngine so thank you guys ahead of time for any assistance you can give.