New person, two quick questions; sorting and albums

First off, thanks for reading my post. I have two quick questions.

I would like to reverse album sorting from descending to ascending (so oldest first and newest last), I found where it pulls it in the rtmedia add-on template, but can’t get it to sor ascending. Is it possible to do this?

Here is the code i Found

       <?php while ( have_rtmedia() ) : rtmedia(); ?>

            <?php include ('album-gallery-item.php'); ?>

        <?php endwhile; ?>

Second question, Is it possible to create an album within an album?

Hello @frewegooh,

Album sorting:

Please once have a look at rtMedia Sorting plugin it can sort media based on file size, ascending, descending title, uploaded date.

Album within album:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create albums within the albums.

Let us know if you have any doubt. Thanks.

Hi, I purchased your rtMedia Sorting plugin and it works great. Unfortuneatly the sorting I’ve chosen disappears after leaving the page.

How can your plugin keep my sorting?

Best Regards, Thorsten

Hello @per4mance,

If you want a page with default sorting selected ( for example most_liked ) then it will require custom coding. There isn’t any direct option available to set default sorting yet.

Thank you, Pranali

Hi Pranali,

unfortunately sounds no good. This should be standard in your plugin :frowning: