New install, questions before going live



First I would like to thank you for easyengine. It looks and works great. I am truly amazed, coming from Virtualmin. I created new VPS - Digitalocean with 1GB plan. I was able to install EE and migrate my site :slight_smile: go figure. Currently It’s not yet live as I am testing how it works via IP in Hosts.

  1. I opted for install wordpress + nginx fastcgi_cache site. I assume this is the best in terms of caching? It can sustain more connections than the other options?

  2. When installing I added this to the config: ee secure --ip (my ips) now I am wondering, is this to secure admin area on port 22222 only or to ssh as well?

  3. If only admin area, how can I limit access to SSH to my IP only?

  4. is fail2ban installed automatically or should I add it manually?

  5. Will W3TC with MAXCDN enabled work with NGINX caching out of the box?

  6. In W3TC there are many options for static content, like expiration, client image caching in the browser…that you can set, If this has to be disabled, how do I manage this in NGINX caching?

  7. When updating plugins, It asks me to provide username and password, that means that I have to enable FTP access, any tip on how to do that easily?

  8. Any other post activities I have to do, in general or in terms of security?

Many thanks!


Hi, Sorry for dealyed reply.

Its the best in terms of caching. :slight_smile: We are using it in all servers.

Its only secure the 22222 port. You need to manully secure SSH

This link: may be useful for you.

At this stage EasyEngine not doing setup of fail2ban. You need to do it mannuly.

We always recomend to use CDN

In nginx fastcgi cache has it own options set by default. You can check that:

If you use EasyEngine then wordpress will not ask FTP access for plugin/theme but you want you can setup SFTP by using following tutorial:


Hello @Matias65,

I hope your query is resolved. I am closing this support topic for now.

Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: