New feature request - add image in reply to comment too

Hi there,

Just like to suggest an extension to the rtmedia functionality of adding media uploads in BP comments/activity - could you enable media to be uploaded in the replies to a comment too? At present it seems that an image can only be uploaded when you first post a comment - not in the replies.

To clarify, we would want to use it when a member posts an image for feedback, and the tutor re-crops/re-processes the image and wants to upload this edited version in the same thread to show the change/improvement.

Many thanks.

Try this:


Thanks for the suggestion. We will keep this in our discussion if media for buddypress activity comments can be added. Could you please add your ideas here, we are collecting some nice features.


I think that plugin is only allow images to upload on WordPress post comment section and not for buddypress activity comments. Let me know if I missed anything :slight_smile:

i asked for this as well - would be great

Great - thanks. I’ve added it now, so if anyone else wants to see this functionality please head over there and vote for it! It’s at: under the Ideas section (as the previous link above returns a 404 error). Cheers.


Thanks for adding your idea. :slight_smile:

Just wondering if there is still no plugin or way we can add or post images in activity replies?

i’m too after the same solution, being able to attach media to buddypress comments as well as posts.

i’ve tried to join in by clicking both links on this page, the one from @nitunlanjewar and that one from @perfectp but the first gives 404 and the second ends up on the rtMedia bundle page…

any chance to know if you already have the solution on offer (free or premium), or if you’ve started working on it if you have an ETA?


Hey guys are there any updates to this? I am also looking for this solution.