New Build - Change domain when its ready - EE4


I am having updating my php/plugins etc on my current server - so what I want to do is create a new build using digital ocean & EE.

My question is - What is the most simple way to create a dev server with a new build then when it’s ready point the domain. I will be using ngnix which of course complicates things. I’m not a developer :slight_smile: but I have some knowledge of terminal.

I’ve done some reading and setting it up on then pointing when it’s ready? or creating a wild card which seems complicated.

Does anyone have suggestions on the simplest most efficient way of doing this with Easy engine 4?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Are you still using EE v3? (this was posted in the V3 forum)

However you build the server, all you need to do is change the hosts file on your computer to point the domain to the IP of the dev server. Then you’ll see the dev server as if it were the real site, without affecting anything else. Then change the DNS of the domain itself when you’re ready.